Our Products

Delivering best in class products with unmatched quality.

Product 1

VCB Panel

Our VCB panel, available with a series of accessories provides convenience to the user by offering high interrupting performance. The panels have long lasting electrical and mechanical life and hence eliminate the frequent expenditures met in replacing the fuses. It also has a reliable operating mechanism that ensures the safety of the recruits. The usage has the following benefits:

☑ Easy visual check of contact erosion
☑ Low maintenance
☑ User-friendly
☑ Reduces downtime and hence the customer minutes loss

Product 2

Isolator Panels

We provide with an extensive range of custom made isolator panels for switching of high voltage electrical circiuts in no load conditions.
We offer panels in both, indoor mode and outdoor mode.
We ensure we provide high performance and reliablity is maintained in both the use cases.

Product 3

MV Soft Starter

We offer engineered soft-starter panels used in industrial and commercial sectors. Our range is available in compact design to meet the various specifications and can be customized to meet the diverse demands of our customers.
Custom engineered panel ensures high compatiblity and reliablity of these devices.

Product 4

Control Panels

Our company has manufactured modular, effective and durable control panels for optimum utilization of sources to run the load. We ensure optimum safety and centralized control for the manufacturing process equipment as well as our staff. Our R&D develops innovative designs to meet the demanding power and process control needs, ensuring safety to the motor circuit. They are manufactured in various specifications to cater to the varied requirements of diverse industries and has the following features:

☑ Low maintenance
☑ High strength
☑ Optimum efficiency
☑ Easy to handle

Product 5

RMU Panels

RMU is indoor or outdoor type can be made extensible on both sides. Has air break switches for incoming & outgoing side and fuses are provided for short circuit protection. Having separate handle for operation of LBS and earth switch. RMU can be provided with two numbers of LBS & one tee off VCB & protection devices as per customer requirement.

Product 6

LV Panel

We manufacture LAVT / NGT / NGR control panels as per customer requirement & specifications.
These panels are widely used and demanded in power plants.

Product 7

Capacitor Panel

We provide high quality capacitor panels with rating as per client's requirement.
With long life expectancy and robust overload capacity, we aim to provide the best solution out there.

Our Qualities


We try to provide the best cost in the business without compromising on quality.

Sustained Performance

Our highly specialised products are higly potent and give a consistent and sustained performance.

Custom Development

All our products are custom tailored for each customer, to provide the best compatibility.